ESPRO P5 Press – Copper Plated


Seeing is believing! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of ESPRO’s patented double filtration technology and see the process at work as your coffee or tea is brewed to perfection in the P5 Press. Featuring high-performance Schott-Duran glass secured inside a copper plated steel cage by a patent-pending ‘Safety Lock’ system, the P5 is safer and more durable than other glass presses on the market.

Coffee from a french press has never tasted so good – a clean, delicious cup with none of the typical grit and mess.

Two sizes available: 530ml and 950ml.


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Brewing Is A Sight To Behold

The glass walls of the ESPRO Press P5 let you see the magic of the ESPRO Press at work. The P5 takes the classic sophistication of a traditional glass French press and perfects it through design and technology. Simply put, the P5 makes better coffee and tea, is safer, more durable, and keeps beverages warmer than other glass press on the market.

Better Coffee and Tea

The ESPRO Press P5 brings several innovations intentionally crafted to create a better and safer coffee and tea experience.

Now brewing Coffee & Tea

With the double coffee micro-filter you can create a clean, delicious cup with none of the typical grit and mess of press coffee. The buffer between the two filters safely contains over-extracted coffee, so every sip tastes perfect.

Our new double tea micro-filter sweeps leaves into an isolated chamber to stop the brew. You will get perfect extraction that stops precisely, and you can easily re-steep your loose leaf tea many times without a mess.

Safe and Secure

The patent-pending Safety Lock™ completely secures the glass inside the stainless steel cage, so it won’t slip out while pouring. Placed with a robot, it ensures the glass stays in during the pour, yet releases out without a tool.

Perfect Press Coffee

Two filters deliver perfect, grit free French press. Or, perhaps you use optional paper filtration to deliver an oil-free pour-over style cup table-side, with ease. And after a simple press, brewing stops. Then something wonderful happens: you can see your favorite brew interacting with our double micro-filter technology, and the conversation changes to discussions of origin, farmer and flavor. Brewing is beautiful – enjoy the view!

Breakthrough Tea Filtration

The tea P5 delivers the best tea filtration available in any table service. The double filters sweep the tea down to the bottom, where functional glass closes the filter and isolates leaves into a closed compartment. Extraction stops automatically. Every sip is perfect. And, best of all, you can steep a pot multiple times, without a mess, and with perfect flavor.

Durable Glass

A two-year collaboration with German manufacturer Schott-Duran delivered glass that is 40% thicker than a traditional press. It is much more robust, and keeps your coffee hotter longer.

Signed by the Designer

A signature is a commitment; a signature on functional art is a statement. Designer Chris R McLean’s design mark is on every P5 ESPRO Press, just like his eye is on every aspect of production.

Available in two sizes:
530 ml (makes 1.5-2 US cups, 3-4 EU cups)
950 ml (makes 3-4 US cups, 6-8 EU cups)

Coffee press includes double micro-filters with twist-lock for easy separation, and 25-unit starter-pack of paper-filters

Tea press includes new tea-specific double micro-filter

Schott-Duran made-in-Germany glass, 40% thicker than industry standard French presses, with functional form to automatically close and seal the tea filter to prevent over-extraction; patent-pending safety-lock robotically assembled to ensure precise placement

Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free

Patented and global patents pending

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Simply making it better

Espro design and manufacture tools that help people make better coffee, tea and espresso. Since 2002 Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean, 2 young Canadian entrepreneurs, have been taking an innovative approach to time-tested brewing techniques with a single-minded focus to simply “make it better.” As Chris and Bruce put it – “we are dedicated to flavour and process and craft and creativity.” Their obsession has resulted in a range of beautifully crafted products that truly do enable you to “make it better”