Espresso HQ morphed from our previous enterprise importing authentic Italian coffee and so began a fascination with, and understanding of, the marvellous machinery that creates the magic brew.

Our raison d’etre has evolved from that earlier experience into the current focus of ensuring our customers make informed buying decisions based on a deeper understanding of the correct use and care of the tools required to make great coffee.

Our Team

We are an efficient and integrated team whose sole focus is to satisfy the demands of our customers and ensure they are fully satisfied with the products they purchase and, remain so, on an ongoing basis. In other words, good old fashion service with the focus being on VALUE, not COST.

Our Service Promise

We want our customers to be as excited about their new product as we are and will do what it takes to make your interaction with Espresso HQ a successful and positive experience by providing …

  • a solution that is fit for purpose
  • a proposition that considers the life-time cost/value/performance of your chosen product
  • an ongoing, supportive relationship be that technical support, training, advice &/or information on industry and technology developments – we’re here to help.

Our Products

We are privileged to represent a small, yet select, group of suppliers, all of whom are at the forefront of their respective areas of expertise. Without exception these suppliers offer that wonderful balance of form and function:

  • a mix of classic and leading-edge design, whether it be a nod to the grand styles of the past or something more akin to the space age. Either way your coffee equipment will be a feature of your café or your kitchen.
  • uncompromising attention to quality and performance with an ongoing thirst for research and development